5 reasons to try an exam support residential

Exams can be a daunting time for young people which is why we have created courses to support during those all important exams

5 reasons to try an exam support course 

With exam season fast approaching, the pressure is on for both you and your students. A GCSE or A-Level exam support residential is a great opportunity to prepare pupils for the intense exam period. In beautiful natural surroundings, we offer GCSE & A-Level Arts exam support courses where young people can engage, focus, and reset ready for their exams.

Half a term of learning in just one weekend

Young people who attend an exam support course at Conway Centres receive an extra half a term of learning in just the one weekend! From practising their techniques to building their portfolio of coursework – young people will develop their skills ready for their exams, which will boost their confidence and their grades.

Away from modern distractions...

In the beautiful natural surroundings, The Conway Centre, Anglesey provides the perfect space away from all of the usual pressures and distractions back in school or at home; social media, gaming, television and more. Instead, students can benefit from the change of environment in one of our on-site classrooms with sessions led by nationally recognised subject specialists - away from modern distractions, young people will focus ready for their exams.

Catch up in the lead up

With school closures being a big part of the last couple of years, students may feel particularly overwhelmed about their upcoming exams. The exam support weekends will alleviate any pressures as they spend an intensive weekend catching up – which in turn will build their confidence.

Raise attainment and boost grades

The exam support courses have been designed to support students in boosting their grades and raising attainment. Whether students are attending a GCSE Drama course where they will develop their practical, creative and performance skills or are using both contemporary and traditional techniques to make artefacts and creative pieces of work to support with GCSE Art – schools love that a revision residential at Conway Centres boosts their students' subject immersion which is reflected in their grades.

Turn off the Wi-Fi and increase connections

With a variety of different schools attending, the jam-packed weekends encourage students to network, creating new connections with individuals with the same interests allowing them to share ideas and thoughts to support each other with their exams. Working alongside nationally recognised subject specialists, both teachers and young people will have the chance to network and build relationships that could open a world of opportunities.

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