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Group Trip: Staff Wellbeing


Are you looking for a unique way in supporting your teachers or employees in their wellbeing and motivation? In these challenging times where mental health, work pressures and motivation is impacting employee engagement more than ever, we offer tailored day or residential courses to support your team and show them that you are committed in investing in their health & wellbeing.

We will work with you and your teachers or employees to understand the challenges that impact wellbeing and motivation and build a programme of adventure activities to develop leadership, resilience, confidence and more. But it’s not only our adventures that will inspire and support your team - our location on the beautiful coastline of Anglesey, North Wales gives your teachers or employees plenty of fresh air in a natural environment to relax and create headspace to go back to their work environment feeling refreshed and positive.

We can also provide additional support sessions such as yoga, counselling, inspirational talks, motivational speakers, peer to peer support sessions, mental health sessions and more.


We have a huge variety of activities to choose from, each designed to help strengthen relationships, learn new skills and build confidence.

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