Our Staff

Our Team

Schools tell us that our staff are a significant highlight of their stay, being supportive, friendly and professional; no child gets left behind.

All of our staff come from, and understand, education, so are committed to improving outcomes for children and young people. We only employ the highest calibre of very qualified and experienced staff who are able to differentiate their teaching to suit the specific needs of a group or individual within that group.

We also pride ourselves on delivering bespoke courses that meet the needs of specific schools, rather than taking a product off the shelf and making it fit the group. We actively seek learning outcomes in our planning, and we encourage our staff to dynamically assess their teaching and make adaptions.

Support Staff

Our support staff are always working hard behind the scenes, from out Guest Experience team planning your perfect residential, to our Catering staff ensuring hungry tummies are fed after adventure-filled days!

Meet the Team

"The best part of my job is creating unforgettable experiences that bring out best in young people and seeing how the experiences we deliver make a real difference to people's confidence and health. I would like every person that attends our residential courses to see their time with us as an experience that they remember as making a real difference for the rest of their lives."

Nick McCavish, Head of Residential Centres