Foster, Social and youth services

Group Trip: Foster, Social and youth services


At Conway Centres, we offer unique residential courses exclusively built to support, develop, and inspire young people with additional support requirements.

We believe that all young people, no matter what their background, are entitled to a range of opportunities to enhance their education and develop their personal skills. With you and your young people we will be introducing outdoor activities and cultural experiences to support them in learning new skills that will inspire them to aim higher, improving their self-confidence, personal and social skills and in turn, their life opportunities.

Our courses have been known to benefit and improve both young people who require high levels of care and those dealing with even the most distressing situations they may have found themselves in. Through our courses we aim to build relationships with those young people to ensure they feel comfortable, are listened to and respected.

Courses can be developed from a one day course to a full 12 month development programme which could include accreditation or qualifications.


We have a huge variety of activities to choose from, each designed to help strengthen relationships, learn new skills and build confidence.

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