Top 10 activities to support children's mental health


Our top 10 activities that support with children's mental health

In the UK, 1 in 6 children and young people are living with a diagnosed mental health problem, with many more struggling with various challenges. 

At Conway Centres, our residentials support pupils’ emotional health and wellbeing, having a positive effect on self-esteem, confidence, and their ability to interact successfully with others, whilst offering a unique opportunity for them to alleviate stress, express their feelings and grow together as a team. 

The activities and programmes at our centres have been designed to support children's mental health. At Conway Centres we support and encourage children to step out of their comfort zone - giving children the opportunity to build resilience by overcoming challenges. Children and young people will foster a sense of achievement when they realise they can do anything they put their minds to. 

Here are our top ten activities that support with mental health…. 


Abseiling requires the determination and courage for children to trust themselves, the centre staff and the equipment whilst they lower themselves down a vertical rock face. Abseiling teaches children how to cope with and manage anxiety and scary situations, in a safe and supportive environment. Children and young people will take responsibility as they control their own abseil rope, develop their confidence and learn the importance and satisfaction of being able to help and encourage others.

Art Therapy

Studies have found that participatory art activities help to alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress. Taking part in an art activity such as; painting, batik or 3D sculpture allows children to explore their feelings and emotions. Research has found that 82% of children who took part in the arts activities had a greater improvement on their mental health, which is why we offer unique art activities, that not only supports the curriculum but also young minds.


From traditional tales to stories around the world, drama expands children’s ability to interact with the world around us whilst providing a new set of skills for self-expression and communication. Even the shyest of children will build their confidence and self-esteem by stepping out of their comfort zone and onto the centre stage. Drama teaches children empathy by playing a part in different roles, which supports children's mental health. 


Dance is a great activity for children and young people to use as an emotional outlet, where they can truly express themselves. Dance has been found to improve self-worth, making children and young people feel proud of themselves which supports their mental health. Research has found that children and young people who take part in dance are more sociable and have higher self-esteem. 


Our kayaking activity is based on our very own private dock on the Menai Strait - children and young people will navigate against the tide with the stunning Snowdonia Mountain range as the backdrop. This activity will push children and young people out of their comfort zone whilst effectively challenging, motivating, and developing students’ resilience, confidence, and self-esteem in a safe environment. Through encouragement, they become stronger mentally and physically.

Mega Stand-Up Paddleboard

As a group, children and young people will work in cohesion to navigate the wind and tides with their team, putting their communication and teamwork skills to the test as they help each other to develop the skills and confidence required to master the mega paddle board. This activity will support children to work together and gain a closer relationship with their peers. 


The nightline at our Anglesey centre encourages children and young people to work together with the same goal in mind. As a team, children and young people will be blindfolded and complete a course full of obstacles by simply following a rope hand line! They will have to communicate and trust each other as they guide each other through the woodlands.

As they work together with the same goal in mind, children and young people will feel a huge sense of achievement which will boost their confidence & self-esteem. 

Via Ferrata 

There are only a handful of Via Ferratas in the UK, and the Conway Centres has two! Using the disused quarry wall an iron path has been made, fixing a wire to the wall for children and young people to clip to as they climb along the rock face. Students will build resilience as they are responsible for their safety and looking after each other. Clear communication is essential, as well as perseverance and self-belief that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

Woodland Survival

From navigating their way around the vast woodlands with just a compass to finding natural resources to make a fire to develop survival skills – this activity encourages children to thrive and be inspired in their natural environment. Not only will children build confidence and resilience, research has found that being in the great outdoors reduces feelings of stress, increases mood and supports feelings of anger.


Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation are a great method for children and young people to manage their emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. At Conway Centres, students will begin the journey of exploring their sense of identity, self-worth, personal insight, and purpose by taking part in a Yoga class followed by group discussions, a mindfulness exercise, and a guided meditation. The techniques children and young people will learn from this activity will help them with stress management, boost their self-esteem and increase mindfulness.


Our top programmes to support with young people's mental health... 

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