Living things and their habitats


Programme: Living things and their habitats


A unique course of Arts activities linked to Living things and their habitats and Under the sea.

Home to native Red Squirrels, as well as various other wildlife, the beautiful Conway Centre, Anglesey is perfect for learning about living things in their habitat. Based close to water, this visit enables students to take part in various water activities, to not only learn but also build self-confidence and try new activities.

Our aim is to foster a sense of achievement where as well as learning about the topic we inspire individuals, empower minds, and define futures through The Arts and develop young people to achieve their potential, introducing them to potential lifelong interest in Art, Drama and Music.

Desired Outcomes
  • Improve knowledge and understanding of living things and their habitats and under the sea
  • Partake in outdoor activities such as; canoeing, snorkelling, paddle boarding, whilst learning as part of the national curriculum
  • Building students’ self-confidence & independence
Planning your visit

Sample 4-Night Visit

Day 1
Morning Afternoon Evening
Travel to centre – En-route visit to Pili Palas  Animals and Plants in Art/Music - Djembes + drumming (translates to tree goat) rhythm of life, dance / music / song… Goldsworthy using resources from residential site
Day 2 
Morning Afternoon Evening
Canoeing or SUP – Water confidence and human impact on the natural environment Make containers using terracotta plant pots and mosaics and plant seeds inside Windchimes / music from metallic sounds – sensory garden at school, old CDs for Dream catchers
Day 3 
Morning Afternoon Evening
Visit to Anglesey Sea Zoo Goldsworthy - pebbles used to inspire sculpture. Mermaids, myths and legends; Neptune + mosaics + Poseidon, or Welsh sea-themed folklore
Day 4
Morning Afternoon Evening
D&T session – Raft building Watercolours / Batik – under the sea Wire weaving fish
Day 5
Morning Afternoon Evening
Tidal investigation & Understand the effects of the sun and moon on the Earth Travel home
What's included:
  • 2 or 4 nights’ accommodation & all course Activities and materials
  • Full board basis
  • A visit to Anglesey Sea Zoo and Pili Palas

All of this from £176.00pp

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