Glacial Valleys


Programme: Glacial Valleys


A unique course of Arts activities and a Glacial Valley visit to learn about the history of glacial valleys.

Would you like your students to improve their understanding and knowledge of Glacial Valleys? Combining Glacial Valleys with The Arts, your students will take part in activities that will support personal development for years to come. On your way to the Conway Centre, Anglesey, your group will be given a guided tour of Ogwen Valley to see and further understand a glacial valley. Using art techniques, the activities following will be unrecognisable from the classroom as students and teachers enjoy not only learning but also having fun.

Desired Outcomes
  • Use artistic techniques to create 2 and 3D responses to understand glacial valley formation
  • Create a musical composition / response to enable discussion to broaden understanding of the topic
  • Learn about UN Sustainable Goals & UN Rights of the child
Planning your visit

Sample 2-Night Visit

Day 1
Morning Travel to centre –En-route visit Ogwen Valley to see and underst and the Glacial Valley through a guided tour and overview of the formation
and history of the valley. 
Afternoon Art Activity

Students will first create fake ice using recycled plastic pieces. The ‘ice cubes’ will be held in wire twists, with small pebbles also used, to form a U-shape sculpture to represent the shape of a glacial valley: 
Evening Art Activity Using a large Ordnance Survey map print, students paint an image of a glacier and surrounding valley over the contour lines then use pen to mark the lines of how the glacier has changed in size – this could be a historic glacier e.g. using Ogwen Valley, or an existing glacier which is shrinking due to climate change 
Day 2
Morning Climbing session in the Glacial Valley – Immersive session on the rock formations within the valley and gain a close up understanding of the
rock formation
Afternoon Music Activity

Create soundscape of glacier moving, melting, reforming – this could be on GarageBand or using classroom percussion and body percussion.

Combine sounds and movement to represent the melting / reforming of glacier 
Evening Art Activity

Using ice cubes as inspiration, students paint a square canvas, create a digital image of an ice cube and hang in a large square formation 
Day 3
Morning Group session activity – Drama/Dance about glacial valleys to show students’ understanding

Review of the course
Afternoon Travel Home
What's included:
  • 2-nights' accomodation.
  • A guided tour of Ogwen Valley
  • Tailored activities

All of this from £195.75pp for 2 nights.

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