Yoga and Wellbeing - Students

Anglesey in the Chapel or a class room depending on group size

Activity: Yoga and Wellbeing - Students


This session will introduce students to the concepts behind Yoga, mindfulness and meditation as methods for managing emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. Students will also examine their understanding of their own spirituality and moral standing.

Students will take part in a group discussion, a mindfulness exercise, a Yoga class and a guided meditation.

Desired Outcomes
  • Students will gain skills to encourage a sense of confidence and to recognize activities that make them happy; as part of the outcomes for emotional wellbeing.
  • They will practice exercises that explore their focus, attentiveness and concentration; to develop a sense of autonomy over their responses to situations; through identifying the methods that provide them with a stronger sense of resilience to stressors; as part of nurturing their psychological wellbeing.
  • Concepts such as compassion and gratitude, kindness and respect will be covered and examined; to help manage their social wellbeing and their understanding of their own moral code.
  • In line with Ofsted’s recommendations for schools to provide development of pupil’s spiritual wellbeing; students will also begin the journey of exploring their sense of identity, self-worth, personal insight and purpose.