Woodland Survival

Anglesey I Delamere I Burwardsley

Activity: Woodland Survival

Anglesey | Delamere | Burwardsley

Woodland survival is about preparing yourself for adventure in the natural environment. We build on skills to help you navigate, find natural resources and learn how to look after the environment we live in sustainability. Tutors like to ensure that sessions are specific for the group to aid their personal development and better equip pupils for looking after themselves with minimal resources. Woodland survival is ideal for young people to allow them an opportunity to gain confidence and be inspired in the natural environment.

We can involve scientific surveys if requested using OPAL (Open Air Laboratory) looking at different creatures that live in the woodland environment.

In the surrounding area we use the natural environment to facilitate learning skills for survival in woodland. There are certain areas dedicated to woodland survival which allows for the woodland to be sustainably maintained.

Desired Outcomes
  • Inspired to spend time in the natural environment
  • Gain confidence in looking after oneself outdoors
  • Learn skills for life
  • Work with others towards common goals, developing communication and group coordination
  • Feel a sense of achievement and motivation for adventure
  • Encourage mindfulness as a means to relieve life anxiety and promote self esteem