Woodland Adventure Walk

Anglesey I Delamere I Burwardsley

Activity: Woodland Adventure Walk

 Anglesey I Delamere I Burwardsley

Woodland Adventure Walk is open to many different choices of route that can be decided upon to meet the group's aim and objectives. This is a brilliant opportunity to encourage young people to embrace nature and enjoy being outside. Pupils also get the opportunity to develop valuable life skills. This would make a brilliant whole day adventure.

A pleasant walk through fantastic woodland, taking you along the Menai Straits or through Cheshire woodland. There are many choices of routes, with a potential for a one way trip and pick up.

Desired Outcomes
  • Awareness of surroundings and the environment
  • Practical navigation skills
  • Appreciation of health and fitness and wellbeing
  • Try hard to succeed at activities they find challenging
  • Perseverance and motivation to keep trying when a challenge is presented
  • Build independence and raise self esteem