Activity: Surfing


Surfing is a brilliant sport allowing participation at all levels, from splashing around in the white water to catching the clean, green waves.

Careful timing and awareness of the waves, balance and water confidence are just a few of the skills needed whilst surfing, along with determination and resilience. We have a range of surf boards to suits different groups and, depending on the surf conditions, we have body boards which are smaller and make catching waves easier.

Surfing takes place at a friendly surfing beach located just 30 minutes’ drive from the Conway Centre, Anglesey, which is great for introducing participants to the activity. There are a couple of locations depending on the surf forecast. This activity does rely on waves, if there is no swell then a suitable alternative to meet the group's aims will be suggested.

Desired Outcomes
  • Develop water confidence
  • Awareness and understanding of the natural power of the ocean
  • Educational learning about the tides and the coastal environment
  • Increased confidence in your own ability
  • Taking responsibility and being independent for own safety, whilst being aware of others around.
  • Be inspired to learn a new skill, whilst increasing motivation for learning
  • Part of Key stage 1 and 2 National Curriculum PE to Swimming and safety instructions
  • Part of Key stage 2-4 National Curriculum PE