Raft Building


Activity: Raft Building


Pupils work together to devise a plan and build their raft out of various equipment, including barrels, poles and ropes. Their aim is to build a well-structured raft that floats and enables them to complete and paddle around a challenge set for them. Sessions are bespoke to the level of experience and age of the pupils, with a varying degree of assistance offered.

This is a brilliant opportunity for pupils to use practical skills and cross-curricular subjects, involving technology and science in the understanding of building the raft, along with the practical skills of knot tying and communicating efficiently as a team. The session can be structured using a ‘shop’ or auction, where pupils ‘buy’ equipment as part of a whole school raft competition, in a bid to win the Golden Welly!

Raft building takes place in our private, sheltered dock on the Menai Strait, sometimes venturing out of the dock as the weather and tide dictates.

Desired Outcomes
  • Sense of achievement
  • Successful teamwork using communication and cooperation
  • Transferable skills with cross-curricular subjects
  • Decision making
  • Water confidence and learn about water safety
  • Reflect on trust in team mates and equipment
  • Enhance motivation for working with others