Activity: Music

Anglesey I Burwardsley I Beeston I Delamere I Tattenhall

The opportunities to engage learners through the music give teachers a way to uncover talent that may not be seen otherwise. Music is a means of communicating ideas, feelings, and solutions in a way other than verbally or written.Our music activities are perfect for developing key skills and increasing engagement in learning – and to give you and your students a positive and memorable experience which requires freethinking, experimentation, and analysis

Children are able to learn new skills or develop their existing skills as well as learn about different music cultures with engaging activities such as:

  • Drumming: Djembe, Taiko, Samba
  • Gamelan Workshop
  • Ensemble Workshops
  • Explore, Create and Compose
  • Singing - themed songs
  • Singing - create and compose a song
  • Singing for Choirs
  • Ukulele Workshop

Desired Outcomes
  • Support learning tailored to your curriculum
  • Learn new skills or develop current skills
  • Improve our ability to communicate with others