Mine Exploration


Activity: Mine Exploration


An opportunity to test your nerve and bravery whilst exploring an underground world. Through mining, pupils have to trust their sense of direction, motivate and encourage peers to persevere if feeling unsure and have confidence in their ability in the dark. The day is filled with a journey through the mine, learning to read a map underground and navigate through the passages and awareness of looking after others in a new environment.

In North Wales there are a variety of mines that we use, the choice of venue is dependent on the group's aims and the weather. All mines are a 40 to 50 minute drive away from the centre, therefore take a whole day of adventuring.

Desired Outcomes
  • Group cooperation through progressive challenges as the day goes on
  • Inspired team spirit and personal confidence
  • Sense of achievement
  • Knowledge of the beautiful natural environment of a mine and its history
  • Assessing and managing risk in a natural environment
  • Independence and personally being prepared