Map Orienteering

Anglesey I Tattenhall I Delamere, Burwardsley

Map Orienteering

Anglesey I Tattenhall I Delamere I Burwardsley

Orienteering is an energetic sport, often taught in schools to teach map work on school grounds. At Conway Centre we offer the opportunity to further develop and apply these skills in a new challenging environment for pupils, a real test of their learning and understanding. If choosing to run this activity yourselves then you can plan the session as you wish, with our guidance if required. However, if run by our experienced tutors the session is generally structured as below, with adaptations to specifically suit the group and their previous experience.

The orienteering courses here offer a range of difficulty in varied terrain including buildings, parkland and woods. The activity involves pupils working in small groups or individually to use map work skills and navigate to certain points to collect answers, this can be in a competitive environment if desired. This is perfect to develop awareness of surroundings and learn essential navigation skills, whilst embracing nature and keeping active. If pupils have never been orienteering sessions build up the skills required progressively with an increasing level of challenge on our quiet and extensive grounds. If pupils have orienteered at school, this is a brilliant opportunity to challenge and progress the learning in a new environment.

Desired Outcomes
  • Awareness of surroundings and the environment
  • Practical navigation skills
  • Appreciation of health and fitness
  • Try hard to succeed at activities they find activities they find challenging
  • Recognise achievements of others
  • Perseverance and motivation to keep trying when a challenge is presented
  • Build independence and raise self esteem