Low Level Ropes

Anglesey I Tattenhall

Activity: Low Level Ropes

 Anglesey I Tattenhall

Low Level Ropes as an activity is the perfect platform to develop teamwork. It encourages people to work together, support each other as well as solve problems whilst cooperating with the rest of their team. In the woodland we have built a collection of low rope elements that involve the team climbing, lifting, swinging, and squeezing their way around. The vast range of elements allow for each age group to be challenged. During the session regular reviewing opportunities are given to reflect on the group’s performance and identify how they can coordinate more effectively as a team.

We have designed and built the low level ropes area of our woodland, using the space to develop a huge range of team building challenges onsite.

Desired Outcomes
  • An understanding of the important aspects of working as a team
  • Listening to others and allowing ideas to be shared
  • A real sense of achievement as a team
  • An understanding of the purpose of reviewing and how to implement it
  • Build self confidence when working with others
  • Learn to trust others