High Level Ropes

Anglesey I Tettenhall

Activity: High Level Ropes

Anglesey I Tattenhall

Pupils are encouraged to embrace the heights of the trees and climb up to challenge their perception of risk and self-confidence. Climbing ropes are used for safety and pupils have to trust their peers as they control the rope and keep the climber safe. There are a range of progressive elements in the high ropes that can offer different challenges and heights dependent on the individual's aims. A huge amount of determination and courage are needed, along with support from fellow team mates in order to achieve.

In the onsite woodland surrounding Conway Centre qualified staff have designed a high ropes course with several stand-alone elements.

Desired Outcomes
  • Managing anxiety of perceived risk
  • Trust in team mates
  • Develop self-confidence and self-belief
  • Appreciate the need for a good level of health and fitness