Expedition Skills

Anglesey I Burwardsley I Delamere I Tattenhall

Activity: Expedition Skills

Anglesey I Burwardsley I Delamere I Tattenhall

The aim of Expedition Skills is to give pupils the opportunity to learn the skills required when going away on expedition. The session can go into as much depth as pupils require to help prepare them for an expedition, whether they have one planned or not. For older students they may have a Duke of Edinburgh expedition coming up or leaving school to embark on a gap year. For younger pupils this is a great introduction to camping trips. This session can last a whole day or half a day.

Expedition Skills takes place within the grounds of the Conway Centre. There are certain areas dedicated to expedition survival which allows for the woodland to be sustainably maintained.

Desired Outcomes
  • Build confidence of the students
  • Learn new transferable skills that are beneficial for their future
  • Gain enthusiasm for adventure and exploring the outdoors
  • Work with others towards a common goal
  • Learn how to plan ahead and take responsibility for oneself
  • Feel the benefits of spending time in nature, both physical benefits and the positive effect on mental health and wellbeing.
  • Enjoyment