Activity: Coasteering


Imagine climbing along the rocky cliffs with the sea lapping below your feet, seals swimming in the bays and oystercatchers flying above. This is how we explore this wonderful environment. We climb and traverse our way along the sea cliff using the features of the rock for hands and feet. The aim is to stay close to sea level, and depending on the time of the year stay dry, this requires pupils to use their climbing and scrambling skills and self-belief to meet the demands of the environment. On occasions we can take a climbing rope and use it to get across the cliffs keeping dry, by setting up a tyrolean or clip line. If a wet session is more appropriate pupils can swim and jump their way along the sea cliffs. Depending on the state of the tide we can explore the rock pools, identify different sea weeds and marine life and look at adaptations of plants and animals who live in this turbulent and harsh environment. We hunt for pools deep enough to jump in, if pupils are feeling brave enough and often come across bays to swim across.

The coast of Anglesey provides some stunning scenic bays and headlands which provided the perfect environment to climb along the rocky coast and swim in the bays.

Desired Outcomes
  • Sense of achievement and build self-resilience
  • Encourage others to challenge themselves
  • Understand how to identify and manage risk
  • Environmental awareness and understanding of how to protect it
  • Step out of their comfort zone into a new environment
  • Develop water confidence
  • Build resilience