Activity: Canoeing

Beeston I Anglesey I Tattenhall

Canoeing is a fantastic opportunity to explore and journey on the water, building water confidence in a relaxed and social environment. Originating from North America, canoes are large open craft which can seat one, two or three people and are manoeuvred by participants using a single bladed paddle. If required, canoes can be rafted up to create a very stable learning platform.

Desired Outcomes
  • Experience working in a team towards a common goal
  • Development of communication and cooperation skills
  • Encourage young people to step out of their comfort zones and potentially try a new experience
  • Develop water confidence
  • Transferable life skills
  • Appreciate the natural environment and an understanding of how to look after it
  • Gain knowledge of water safety and assessing risk
  • Inspire young people to want to participate in a new physical activity
  • Build self confidence
  • Expedition experience developing resilience, confidence and a love for adventure.