Anglesey I Delamere I Tattenhall I Burwardsley

Activity: Bushcraft

 Anglesey I Delamere I Tattenhall I Burwardsley

The aim is to help equip young people with the physical and mental skills to survive in the natural modern world. Each session aims to encourage young people to embrace nature, whilst cooperating and communicating with others. During the session groups may be challenged to make a shelter suitable to protect from different elements as well as prepare and light a fire suitable to make a hot drink or cook bread on it. Tutors will always aim to progress the skills the pupils come with, and where suitable give responsibility of using wood craft knives to aid their fire making. If schools have been involved with forest schools, then this is a brilliant activity to develop and challenge the skills they have in a new environment.

In the natural surroundings we use areas of the woodland to test survival skills and learn how to live using only the bare essentials. We have certain areas dedicated to bush craft and survival which allows for the woodland to be sustainably maintained.

Desired Outcomes
  • Trust and responsibility around fires and stoves
  • Skills and techniques for survival in the natural environment
  • Enjoyment and fun
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • Embrace and learn the physical and mental benefits of being in nature
  • Personal challenge together with responsibility for self and others.
  • A safe and enjoyable educational experience in a different environment.
  • Means of learning to live with the natural environment, working together in a small team or individually.
  • To aquire a series of progressive skills, building confidence, personal ability and a healthy respect of the countryside.