Beach Safety

Anglesey I Tattenhall

Activity: Beach Safety

Anglesey I Tattenhall

The aim of the day is to inspire young people to enjoy the beach environment whilst teaching them how to risk assess, keep themselves safe and any hazards to be aware of.

The day will involve activities working as a team on the beach, learning how to contact the coastguard, access tidal and weather information and offer an opportunity to swim in the wild water.

The Anglesey coastline is the perfect environment to engage pupils and teach them how to safely enjoy the beach environment. There are a number of different beaches to use that are a 20-30 minute drive away.

Desired Outcomes
  • Beach and coastline safety awareness and where to get the information from
  • Inspired to go into these environments
  • Knowledge of how to look after and preserve the environment
  • Develop water confidence
  • Taking personal responsibility and being prepared for the day
  • Learn what lives in that environment and how they have adapted