Adventure Swimming


Activity: Adventure Swimming


Embrace nature, challenge yourself and awaken your senses by embarking on an adventure swim in the wild, open waters of the Menai Straits. Learn how to acclimatize to the cold water, keep yourself and others safe and throw yourself in the deep end, literally! 

We provide wetsuits for warmth, buoyancy aids to aid water confidence and a power boat for safety cover, along with experienced and inspirational staff. There is an opportunity to enter the water in various methods, from wading, jumping off the pontoon or jumping off the boat into the middle of the water.


Adventure swimming is a brilliant progression from swimming lessons in a pool, to aid the development of water confidence. Pupils are required to have some swimming ability and experience. Adventure Swimming takes place on the Menai Straits or a local lake.

Desired Outcomes
  • Personal challenge together with responsibility for self and others.
  • A safe and enjoyable educational experience in a different environment.
  • To acquire a series of progressive skills, building confidence and personal ability.
  • To provide an accessible activity where all levels of success give a sense of achievement.
  • To provide an opportunity to transfer previously developed skills to a different environment.
  • Develop water confidence