States of matter and water world

Programme: States of matter and water world


A unique course of Arts activities based on States of matter

This is a whole class course which will investigate and discover the different stages to the water cycle and the importance of water to daily life. Water exists as solid, liquid & gas in everyday conditions. Based at The Conway Centre, Anglesey, students will travel into the Snowdonia national park and climb one of the many beautiful peaks whilst investigating the source of the water travelling into the sea. They will also participate in a canoe and bush craft day looking at survival and the importance of water in our survival.

Our aim is to foster a sense of achievement where as well as learning about states of matter, we inspire individuals, empower minds, and define futures through The Arts and develop young people to achieve their potential, introducing them to potential lifelong interest in Art, Drama and Music.

Desired Outcomes

Children will gain knowledge of solids, liquids and gases

Children can identify the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle and associate the rate of evaporation with temperature.

Learn new skills such as; Mountain scramble, navigating, canoeing and survival skills

Make musical instruments and use to compose a piece of music to describe a river journey, recording their ideas using notation.

Planning your visit

4-Night Visit

Morning Afternoon Evening
Day 1 Travel to centre Tidal Investigation Self-led or additional evening activity
Day 2 Mountain walk - Investigate water source from river to ocean Music Activity:

Create music from metallic sounds – tubular metal (old stools/pipes). Classes create their own musical river journey, using made rain sticks and ocean drums
Crabbing on the menai straits
Day 3 Canoe Session - Understand the effects of the moon and sun on the earth and on the tides. Music Activity:

Students explore the river journey from rainfall, streams to the sea, mapping out the journey as a class on sheets of paper

As a class, they compose a repeated theme (ostinato) and the tutor models how to use the composing grid / stave paper.

In groups, compose an element to the river journey / water cycle, using the instruments made (above) and selected classroom percussion instruments.

Bring compositions together with the class ostinato as a bridge and play the whole journey / cycle. Record.
Self-led or additional evening activity
Day 4 Bushcraft session – looking at survival and the importance of water in our survival. The children will build shelters, set up water catchers, build fires and also turn salt water into drinking water through evaporation and condensation Art / DT Activity:

Students will create an ocean drum or rain stick using materials gathered during walkabouts and painted using themed colours (blues and greens) or images depicting local sea life
Nightline activity
Day 5 Reed beds at Conway Centre and waste-water process. Schools to be introduced to completing a Water audit/Eco Schools Award Travel Home
What's included:
  • 4 nights’ accommodation & all course Activities and materials
  • Full board basis
  • We can reduce the schedule to a 2 night visit, please contact us for more details.

Prices from £318.70pp for 4 nights.

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