Land and Water Adventure

Programme: Land and Water Adventure


A unique course of land and water-based adventure activities where pupils will learn about themselves, others and the environment through a mix of challenging land and water activities.

We use the amazing North Wales natural environment and adventure activities to challenge, motivate and develop students by encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zones in a safe, supported and hands-on learning environment. The unique coastline, rivers and lakes of our natural environment will challenge, motivate and develop the pupils’ confidence.

Our aim is to foster a sense of achievement where we inspire individuals, empower minds, and define futures, teaching the essential skills and safety measures required to give students lifelong skills and confidence in participating in adventure activities.

Desired Outcomes

Students will gain self-awareness, personal confidence, and self-esteem through taking on challenges showing determination, adaptability and a healthy attitude towards risk taking. They will set themselves realistic but challenging targets whilst developing physical skills that will allow them to enjoy participation in outdoor activities now and in the future.

A deeper awareness and understanding of the environment and actively seek opportunities to reduce the impact that they and others have on it - locally and globally.

An appreciation of the benefits of participation in outdoor activities for students’ physical health and emotional wellbeing .

Planning your visit

Sample 2-Night Visit

Morning Afternoon Evening
Day 1 Travel to centre Canoeing Self-led or Evening Activity
Day 2 High/Low Ropes Raft Building Nightline activity
Day 3 Bushcraft Travel Home

Sample 4-Night Visit

Morning Afternoon Evening
Day 1 Travel to centre Canoeing Self-led or Evening Activity
Day 2 High/Low ropes Raft building Nightline activity
Day 3 Bushcraft Kayaking Self-led or Evening Activity
Day 4 Gorge Walking Gorge walking Orienteering
Day 5 Via Ferreta Travel Home
What's included:
  • 2- or 4-nights' accomodation
  • Full board basis
  • Activity Sessions

All from £167.35 pp for 2 nights or £344.95 for 4 nights

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