Via Ferrata

Activity: Via Ferrata


Via Ferrata is Italian for the ‘Iron Path’. This activity is a way of journeying through the mountains as an alternative to climbing with ropes. There are only a handful of Via Ferratas in the UK, and the Conway Centre has two! Using the disused quarry wall an iron path has been made, fixing a wire to the wall for you to clip to as you climb along the rock face. There are options with complexity and length, sometimes walking across wires between the trees. Pupils are given responsibility for their safety and look after each other. Clear communication is essential, as well as perseverance and self belief.

There is a 1.4km walk to the disused quarry where the Via Ferrata is.

Desired Outcomes
  • Build self-belief and confidence
  • Develop risk awareness and understanding
  • Passion for a new activity that pupils can pursue
  • Helping and supporting others
  • Following instructions