Stand up paddleboard (SUP)

Activity: Stand up paddleboard (SUP)


A Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) is like a big floating surfboard, about 10ft in length. The activity involves lying, kneeling or standing on the board and using your hands or a paddle to move the board around. The key aspect is the ability to coordinate balance and movement skills whilst floating on the water. Usually you have a board to yourself, though on occasions with young children or windy conditions we put two people per SUP. This is a fun, get wet session with huge opportunity to differentiate and structure a session suited to the group aims and environmental conditions.

Most sessions take place at our dock on the Menai Strait with fantastic views overlooking Snowdonia but we also have the facility to go to other coastal areas on Anglesey, to enjoy a different environment.

Desired Outcomes
  • Develop balance and coordination skills
  • Experience and gain respect for the power of nature, with specific relation to the tides
  • Gain knowledge of assessing risk in a water environment
  • Be inspired to try new activities, wanting to have a second go at something they find challenging
  • Develop confidence in a water based environment