Mountain Walking

Activity: Mountain Walking


Mountain walking is a perfect activity to inspire an adventurous spirit. Our highly qualified and experienced tutors base the day around the weather forecast as well as the group's objectives and ability. Mountain walking involves journeying through once glaciated valleys to enjoy the scenery, feel the sense of peace the mountains bring and potentially summit a rocky peak. If teams are up for it there is the opportunity to further challenge themselves with a rocky scramble whilst being immersed in the stunning scenery. A mixture of skills are required throughout the day from encouraging others, maintaining motivation and learning how to navigate with a map.

Being based just outside of Snowdonia National Park means that we have access to the beautiful mountainous environment. Dependent on the weather there are plenty of places to explore for an exciting and adventurous mountain walk.

Desired Outcomes
  • Sense of achievement and fulfillment
  • Understand the importance of good fitness and its link to health and wellbeing
  • Be inspired to journey into a new environment
  • Knowledge of the flora and fauna in the mountainous environment, and awareness of how to protect it.
  • Group cooperation and working together towards a common goal