Mountain Biking

Activity: Mountain Biking


Mountain biking is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to test their skills and take responsibility for managing their safety and control of the bike. We have two fleets of hardtail bikes with a range of sizes to suit a mixture of ages. The activity encourages the development of balance and coordination whilst moving on two wheels and negotiating different terrain and dodging the trees.

We can also run a ‘road awareness cycling course’ whilst using the safe roads of the centre to help young people to learn how to keep themselves safe.

We have two mountain bike tracks onsite that have been built and created by the professionals that work at the Centre. These, along with the surrounding woodland, allow for a brilliant half day of mountain biking. If you are after a full day of mountain biking, we can load up the trailer and go to a range of venues suitable for the group.

Desired Outcomes
  • Develop a love for a new activity, that they can engage in at home and for life
  • Risk awareness and understanding
  • Motivation for keeping fit and healthy
  • Specific skills development
  • Develop confidence and independence