Mega Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Activity: Mega Stand Up Paddle Boarding


Put your teamwork and balance skills to the test while exploring the unique habitats of the Menai Strait.  As a group activity, work in cohesion to navigate the wind and tides with your team, putting your communication and teamwork skills to the test as you help each other to develop the skills and confidence required to master the mega paddle board! Our friendly and experienced staff work very closely with you to ensure pupils feel happy and confident and tailor sessions with a range of games and journeys. The Mega SUP was sourced by SEAS Sailability- the Conway Centres partner disability charity, as such it is an inclusive activity suitable for disabled and non-disabled children alike.

The Anglesey coastline offers some of the most inspiring sea kayaking scenery to be found anywhere in the UK. Most sessions take place from our private dock on the Menai Strait, but we also go on wild adventures on rivers anywhere in the UK, with trips extending to the north of Scotland.

Desired Outcomes
  • Have fun and see students’ exploration while working together and forming close bonds.
  • Develop key life skills such as communication and teamwork.
  • Develop one’s own and others confidence.
  • Gain knowledge of the surrounding habitats and organisms.
  • Water safety and awareness.