Climbing - indoor

Activity: Climbing - indoor


Climbing tests your agility, balance, and coordination in order for you to move your body in different ways. The idea is to use skill, precision, and technique not just brute strength. Climbing can take place low to the ground encouraging you to work with a partner to keep them safe.

Conway Centres: Anglesey has its own purpose built indoor climbing wall which offers a range of achievable climbing challenges for groups of all abilities. Indoor climbing involves using artificial holds to make progress either vertically or horizontally, known as traversing or bouldering. There is an emphasis on looking after each other through ‘spotting’ whilst traversing or bouldering and ‘belaying’ when using climbing ropes. It is an activity which can be pursued throughout the year, even in the worst North Wales weather!

Desired Outcomes
  • Gaining trust and confidence in peers
  • Understand taking on responsibility when working in small groups
  • A fantastic way of developing general fitness and an appreciation of keeping fit and healthy, an activity they may choose to do in their own time.
  • Awareness of others when working together to maintain safety
  • An increase in motivation for learning new skills
  • Awareness of the environment and the adventures that are out there.